What Are You Thankful For?

A family having Thanksgiving dinner with the text

After the hustle and bustle surrounding Thanksgiving day and Black Friday have come to an end, it’s the ideal time to actually take a minute to sincerely think about what you are thankful for. Before the fast-paced enchantment of December quickly replaces the end-of-November rush, we at Vista del Rey Blog thought we would give you some ideas about a few simple things you can be grateful for.


A Place to Live.

Whether you’re new to your Tacoma, WA apartment or you have lived in our community for years, it is comforting to be assured that you have a place to call your own. Having somewhere to live fulfills a basic human need that unfortunately is not met for many people across the world, with natural disasters and poverty on the rise. Take some time this week to appreciate your quiet, warm abode.


Modern Technology.

Can you imagine what your life would be like without all of the modern devices you use every day? Our daily routines are made easier by our smartphones and tablets, from searching for an address on maps, to checking transportation times, to ordering food, to enjoying a favorite tv show. Think of your most common use of technology, and spend a few minutes in gratitude for it.


Your Skills and Strengths.

Your unique skill set is one of the greatest things you have to offer to the world! There is something extra special about you that no one else brings to the table. Some of your personal strengths may come naturally to you, while others may be a result of years of cultivation and effort. Regardless, the things that make you who you are deserve some major appreciation.


People to Love.

Connecting with other people is what makes the world go round. From your closest loved ones to your coworkers to your distant but friendly acquaintances, there are people around you that know how to show love to you, and who live to receive your love. Think about some way to remember and acknowledge someone you love this week. Try writing down a memory you have of them that reminds you why you love them and sharing it with them



You may not think twice about your basic amenities on a day-to-day basis, like toilet paper, or running water, or electricity to cook your dinner, but it’s a huge blessing to have access to these things that so many people go without. Try imagining a simple item you use every day that you could simply not live without, and find a way to make it more readily available. Whether that is donating a small quantity of it to a local shelter or being more conscious of your consumption, it is sure to help you feel more appreciative of all that you have.