Skin Care Tips

a woman with a towel on her head applying facial cleanser

Vista del Rey Blog welcomes you to the month of April! In January, we brought you some simple tips on basic hair care, and this month, we’d like to add to that by sharing some suggestions on basic skin care. Whether your skin is naturally pretty clear or whether it is oily and acne prone, taking care of your skin, and especially your face, is an essential component to your daily routine. Consider the following suggestions, and start practicing them in your Tacoma, WA apartment today!


Cleansing your face should always be the first step in any skin care routine, and it’s a habit you should develop consistently before you add anything else to the mix. Because your skin is exposed to bacteria, dirt, chemicals, and other unknowns nearly all day long, it’s crucial to wash it both morning and night. This will help your pores from clogging up and breaking out excessively. Depending on if your skin is oily or dry, the right cleanser may look like a foam or a cream, but there is certainly a product that is right for your skin type!


While washing your face cleans your skin, using a toner helps to balance it out. After removing the dirt with a cleaner, a toner typically enhances your skin by adding to it something that might not already be there. For example, a toner with hyaluronic acid will help your skin to retain moisture, while one with rose water and green tea will reduce any irritation and redness you might have. This is a great step to add once you’ve built a habit of washing your face, and it can be applied quickly afterward with a cotton pad.


As its name implies, a moisturizer helps keep the skin soft and hydrated. Facial moisturizers often include sunscreen in them, and they’re recommended to be used at all times of the year. Again, the type of moisturizer you use will depend on what type of skin you have, but there is something that is right for everybody.

Implement these products one by one. Make sure you’re consistent with them so your skin doesn’t get overwhelmed. For additional information and for further discussion on these three products, check out this guide to building a skin care routine from The New York Times.