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Simple DIY Holiday Decorations

Holiday ornaments hanging on an evergreen tree

Now that December is here, it’s time to decorate your Tacoma, WA apartment for the holidays if you haven’t already! With displays of extravagant and festive decorations at nearly every store, it can feel overwhelming to have your home ready for the holidays without spending too much time or money. This week at Vista del Rey Blog, we’re here with a few simple ideas you can do to ensure that your apartment is filled with holiday cheer. Try making one of these this week:

Mini Yarn Holiday Trees

Are you looking for a way to use up that leftover yarn? Then these mini holiday trees are the perfect fit for you! Using just floral wire, wooden dowels, super glue, and yarn, you can create a whole forest of holiday trees in different sizes and textures to put on display in your apartment this year. If you have different colors of yarn, especially different shades of brown and green, you can create decorations in a color palette that matches that of the variety you find in live pine trees. You can then reuse these festive decorations for years to come!

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

These popsicle snowflakes are a great way to switch things up without losing the holiday spirit! After arranging the popsicle sticks in your desired snowflake shape, use hot glue or sticky tack to secure them in place. Afterward, paint them white to have them looking just like snowflakes! These decorations are a good idea to make if you have kids because not only are they fun to make and fun-looking, but they are super inexpensive to make!  

Holiday Tree Alternative

Holiday trees might be traditional, but they can be a big mess. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate holiday ornaments into your decor without necessarily bringing a whole tree into your apartment, try finding the perfect dead tree branch to put in a vase that you can attach holiday ornaments to! If you do it well it can be the perfect holiday decoration, because it is simple yet it doesn’t take away any value in terms of style or meaning.


Thanks for reading our blog today! Comment below with your favorite DIY holiday decoration ideas.