National Sleep Comfort Month

Child sleeping comfortably in a bed

While it’s important to get a good night’s sleep every night, Vista del Rey Blog is bringing you our best suggestions to help you sleep better in your apartment this month for National Sleep Comfort Month. Here are our top tips:


Power Down

How often do you fall asleep with your smartphone in your hand? It seems common enough, but the blue light from screens you may be taking into bed with you is probably harming your sleep. We recommend turning off tablets, computers, smartphones, and any other blue-light sources an hour before you climb into bed.


Control Temperature and Light

While you may be used to falling asleep to a variety of different temperatures and levels of light in your room, these two things can seriously affect the quality of your sleep. Make sure to find a temperature that will be comfortable for you throughout the night, and that it isn’t too hot or too cold. As for light, you will sleep best in the darkest room possible. Draw the blinds at night, and if you still have a hard time blocking out light, consider spending a few dollars on a sleep mask from a local department store.


Reset Your Body Clock

This month, give your body a few days to reset its internal clock. Get in bed at a decent hour, but don’t set your alarm clock, and allow your body to wake itself up when it naturally wants to. Do this for a couple of days to notice any patterns in the time you wake up and the length of your slumber so you can be sure of you much sleep your body needs. Afterward, reassess your sleep goals and make any adjustments to honor your body clock.



Who knew that exercise not only helps your body stay healthy, but it also improves the quality of your sleep? That’s right, staying active during the day will lead to a better night’s sleep. Whether you prefer to go for a morning jog or to hit the gym after work, implementing a consistent workout routine will help you stay asleep at night.


Develop a Pre-bedtime Ritual

We as individuals love our daily routines, and our bodies love them too. At night time, it’s no different. Implementing a pre-bedtime ritual, maybe sipping a cup of herbal tea or reading a novel or practicing meditation, will signal to your body that the day is ending and it is time for bed.


We hope you enjoyed this post! Consider practicing these simple tips in your Tacoma, WA apartment for better sleep. Thanks for reading, and sleep well tonight!