Fall Fashion Musts

blonde woman dressed in fall sweater looking out a window

Embrace the beauty of fall and the best fashion trends of the season by incorporating some of these fall essentials into your wardrobe. Today, the Vista del Rey Blog has some suggestions for great styles you can wear, whether you’re lounging in your apartment or taking on the world in Tacoma, Washington!


Fall is the perfect time to rock a cute pair of boots! If you don’t already have a pair that you love, find boots in a style that best suit your taste and personality. We suggest looking for pairs that go well with several different outfits. Brown or tan boots are usually a good choice.


Plaid is definitely a fall wardrobe necessity. Whether it is a plaid jacket, blazer, scarf, or sweater, you can definitely rock that look this fall. There’s just something about plaid that is comfy and inviting, much like the season itself. Go for deep, rich colors like reds, browns, dark greens, and navy.


Not only will they keep you warm during the chilliest days of fall, but you will also look fabulous wearing one. Peacoats are both classy and fashionable and will give you a flawless professional look that others will be sure to notice. Play it safe with a dark neutral color or go bold with a patterned peacoat.


Not only will they help to keep you warm, scarves can also add a pop of color, a change of texture, or a fun pattern to any outfit. They come in several different styles and fabrics, and there are so many different ways to tie them! Incorporating scarves into your fall wardrobe is a must.


The cable-knit pattern is perfect for fall. Go for sweaters, scarves, cardigans, and sweater dresses in this style. You will look and feel cozy while still managing to look chic.

What are your favorite fall wardrobe essentials? Share your fashion expertise with the rest of our apartment community by leaving a comment on this post.